Tesla API Token

Here you can create a Tesla token. With this token, your evcc instance can communicate directly with the Tesla API.

We do not store tokens and do not see access data or vehicle details.

Create Tesla Token

Note: You can revoke the integration at any time in your Tesla account.

Virtual Key

For controlling the Tesla Wall Connector or Powerwall, a signed communication with Tesla is necessary. Control commands from your local evcc instance are routed through tesla.evcc.io. This requires an additional permission that you must grant via your Tesla app. Scan the QR code on the following page with your smartphone (Step 3). This will open your Tesla app, where you can grant the permission. Steps 1 and 2 are only necessary if you do not have the Tesla app on your smartphone yet.

Set Up Virtual Key


  • The "Finish Setup" button on the Tesla page does not function ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. If you see the success message in the Tesla app, everything should be fine.
  • If the permission dialog does not appear, it may help to close and reopen the Tesla app.
  • As an alternative to scanning the QR code, you can also open this page directly on your smartphone and click the "Set Up Virtual Key" button there.