Select Permissions

Please select the following permissions to use the token in evcc:

  1. Profile Information: Required to determine the appropriate API endpoint for your account.
  2. Vehicle Data: Access to your vehicle's charge status, charging power, and mileage.
  3. Vehicle Commands: Necessary to wake up your vehicle.
  4. Charge Management: Start and stop charging directly at the vehicle (e.g., Tesla Wall Connector).
  5. (optional) Energy Product Information: For communication with the Tesla Powerwall.
  6. (optional) Energy Product Commands: Required to control Tesla Powerwall (charge/discharge control).

Please select at least the first four permissions in the next step. Unfortunately, changes cannot be made later. The selection dialog appears only once. If permissions are missing, you must remove the integration from your Tesla account and restart the process.

To Tesla Authentication

Note: None of the above-mentioned data passes through our servers. This process only generates a token that allows your local evcc instance to communicate directly with Tesla servers.